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-While active inventory is down 26% from last July, pended sales are up 30% in Salt Lake County and surrounding areas.

-Median price is currently $260,000, which is an all time high for Salt Lake County and has been moving upwards at a steady rate of 2% since February.

-1,074 properties closed, which represents a 19% increase from the same time last year.

-In Salt Lake County, June 2015 was the first month in the history of the MLS where sold volume amounted to over $500,000,000.  Both June and July of this year did over $500 Million in volume. Again, that's never happened. In the summers 2006 and 2007, more units closed than this summer (about 10% more) but those sales did not amount

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Business Facilities magazine – which focuses on corporate expansion and relocation – just issued their annual, much respected State Rankings report. As expected, Utah and Salt Lake came away with some serious plaudits. Here are some the rankings for our state and metro:

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Economic Growth Potential: #1 Employment Leaders: #3

Best Business Climate: #5

Broadband Leaders: #6

Best Infrastructure: #8

Best Business Tax Climate: #9


Job Growth Leaders: Provo – #2

Fastest Growing Metros: St. George – #5

Top Medical Device Hubs: Salt Lake – #6

Tech Jobs Leader: Salt Lake – #6

Economic Growth Potential: Salt Lake – #7

STEM Leader: Provo - #9

Utah and its dominant metros are growing at a clip. With the

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Jordanelle SP 100110-01



Jordanelle | Pricing Single Family Homes

Average Sales Price: $970,000

Median Sales Price: $865,000

Number of Sales (Year to Date): 17

Notes on Jordanelle area homes: When compared to last year, single family homes in the Jordanelle neighborhood have experienced a 0% change in price. However, the number of sales almost doubled. In other words, the market is bullish but stable.




Jordanelle | Pricing Condominium

Average Sales Price: $403, 000

Median Sales Price: $421,000

Number of Sales (Year to Date): 69









Heber Valley | Pricing Single Family Homes


Average Sales Price: $460,000

Median Sales Price: $450,000

Number of Sales (Year to

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Current Park City Market Overview


Second Quarter stats are out. As ever, Park City's multi-faceted resort market remains complex. After carefully reviewing the numbers and interpreting them, here are our thoughts.

-Our market is stable. While we are seeing gradually increasing prices and growth, it is measured and steady. There are no alarming trends with regards to sales price or inventory.

-Buyers have options. While listing inventory feels constrained in the under $1 million market, new builds and good turnover in several of our neighborhoods mean that buyers still have a lot of options. In fact, taken as a whole our inventory is the highest it's been since 2007.

-Two trends, one market. Homes valued under $1 million seem to be

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In our latest tour of Echo Spur, Old Town’s seven home, mountain modern development on Rossie Hill, we were blown away by the comprehensive and seamless integration of sustainable features into some of the finest contemporary architecture we have ever seen.

Home building technology has changed rapidly over the past decade: “Sustainable” and “Green” have become the mantras of modern homes, but the systematic integration of these features sets these homes apart. The developer’s research into sustainable technologies focused on energy efficiency features that improve quality of life and - here’s what’s new – result in significant cost savings in operating the home.

The savvy homebuyer understands that the cost of purchasing a home is separate from

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Location, Location, Location. 

When you begin the searching process for your new home, it's best to start with neighborhood. Take into account everything from where your friends are, bike lanes, commute time, food scene, access to health care, etc...

Investigate the surrounding area: Good schools boost your property value. Research the closest parks and community centers and consider how busy streets impact the neighborhood. Check out stores and restaurants in the area. Let's be real, distance to the nearest place to buy milk or work-out is of critical import.

Take the temperature of the area: Is the average resident young, married, settled professionals with kids...? Are you looking for urban energy or quiet with big yards and wide

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Brand Recognition Matters to our Clients--so we cast the widest net.

We don't view advertising as an obligation; it's part of our value proposition. Our listings, agents, and brokerage name circulate widely throughout Utah and Park City publications. If there are buyers looking at properties, they're going to find our listings and developments.

>From being the most widely advertised brokerage in the Park Record, to being the only brokerage with a marketing relationship with the State of Utah Chamber, we support our clients and professionals through our print relationships.

Here's where we focus our print marketing efforts:

-Park Record Newspaper

-Real Estate Monthly

-Park City Magazine

-Mountain Express Magazine

-Heber Valley

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Buyers today understand they need a sizeable down payment and a strong credit score to secure a conforming home loan. They must hold liquid funds for another financial obligation—an earnest money deposit—to be paid when they make an offer on a home.

Earnest money is handed over to the seller’s agent or the title company when a purchase contract is signed. This demonstrates that the buyer is serious about the transaction and is backing it up with cash.

Without this, buyers could simply make offers on many homes, essentially taking them off the market until they choose a favorite. Sellers rarely accept offers without it.

There is no set amount for an earnest money deposit, so it’s negotiable. If there are multiple bidders, the seller may ask for up

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Most homeowners want to be eco-friendly, yet they worry that making changes in that regard might be costly and time consuming. Incorporating energy-efficient lighting is a great way to make a big impression with green-conscious homebuyers. In fact, studies have reported that 80% of homebuyers identify energy savings and comfortable surroundings as key factors when deciding between listings.

It isn’t just limited to fluorescent tubes or CFLs (compact fluorescent lamps). LEDs are an energy-efficient light source that began growing in popularity around 2007. LED lighting can be used as accents to better showcase the home’s features. From track lighting over the fireplace to under-counter cabinet lighting and recessed lighting in the hall, LED fixtures can

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